Hardware Support

Don’t replace that old computer.  Extend its life with periodic hardware upgrades.Do not waste your money .It is hard to make that money and easy to spend it .

Technology changes so fast, and buying a new computer just to keep up, can be too costly for many of us! Adding memory, a new hard drive, or even a new video card might just be all you need to add new life to your old computer

Is your old computer feeling sluggish or slow? It could be outdated Ram/Memory. We can replace or upgrade any computers memory freeing up valuable resources

Did your hard drive crash or make clicking sounds like it’s gonna fly out of your computer? Before that happends call us to backup and replace that old drive before you loose all your data. We can reinstall the operating system and get get your computers back online fast.


  1. Hi I wanted to know how much will it cost to fix a iMac g5 20”

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