Internet & Email Support

Bay Area Computer Repairs can fix any errors or problems with your internet and email services.  From as simple as your browser failing to open to addressing issues with your service providers or software.

We can install Outlook, Outlook Express and other Email software programs aka  Email Clients, as well as help you with any of the following issues, plus more:

  • Setup free email accounts with your Internet Service Provider [ISP]
  • Add new accounts in supported email clients
  • Setup personalized email accounts on the net (web mail)
  • Troubleshoot your email problems if you can not send or receive emails
  • Activate spam blockers in your email program so you can stop receiving spam in your inbox
  • Are you having email problems? Are you getting email error messages?
  • Fix any errors or problems with you email
  • Set-up & configure computer with modem or router for wireless or cable Internet.
  • Configure Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox’s browser for fast internet access.
  • Update security, firewall and delete cookies and history. Reset your browser so your internet  runs fast .
  • Reset your browser

Make sure to give us a call if you have any problems with your Internet and Email Service we will fix the issues fast and get you back on track.

Call Bay Area Computer Repairs at (415) 368-8544 or Contact Us Today!!